TUULETAR,“Goddess of The Wind” in Finnish mythology, is a EMMA awarded (best ethno album of the year 2017) vocal performance group, consisting of four diverse from Finland. Since 2012 these vibrant musicians have been singing, composing and performing together, creating their own and unique sound and identity. The band’s singers create a vivid sonic landscape, where beatbox rhythms meet Finnish folk tradition and global influences. 


In 2017, Tuuletar’s song “Alku” (from the album Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal) was sold for the HBO hit tv-show Game of Thrones. The same song was also featured in Australian tv-serie Wentworth (FOX) earlier the same year.


Kajos on Sini Koskelaisen ja Susanna Syrjäläisen vahva duo, jossa itämaiset kaiut, meditatiiviset äänimaisemat ja juurevat rytmit muodostuvat omanlaiseksi ambienssikseen. Yhtye käyttää vaihdellen soittiminaan ihmisääntä, selloa, armenialaista duduk-puupuhallinta, rumpua ja vesi-koshia sekä rakentaa musiikkiin kerroksellisuutta loopstationin avulla.


Flow into the Earth - Live Mantra w. Yoga (2019)

Joulu (2018-)


Mari Sainio is a Finnish composer and a music producer. She’s making music for theatre, film, classical music groups and for her own projects with different artists around the world. In the summer 2017 her debut EP ”Tales” was released (by the label Ranka Kustannus) receiving very good reception from the audience and critics. Her debut album Minus 25 was released in August 2018. In her music Sainio combines classical music elements with cinematic melodies, electronic soundscapes and post-rock pathos.



In 2018 I was involved in collective performing art project called Kinahmi (great whirl in sea). We looked into shamanism, mythology and psychophysical practise. We worked in caves, forests, theater studio, sauna and ruins. The performance was Jussi Salminens final artistic work for his studies at MAECP (Master of Ecology and Contemporary Performance). Collaborators: Tom Lönnqvist, Aino Simola, Noora Kauppila, Mikko Heikinpoika, Saila Pönkänen, Tero Aalto



In 2016 I worked as a voice actress and singer for an artist Petronella Grahn, who is the creator of a beautiful world of Pomenia, Tales from a Fairy Dreamland.

"The world of Pomenia is story books, children's theater, fairytale art, outdoor activities, music, games and animated features. The adventures of trolls and dragons, unicorns and fairies take you to a place that you have only dreamed about, perhaps a long time ago."


Video contains read-out-loud storybook for children with a non cut, demo, recorded as one take, where I read the lines of a fairy. It's called 'The Magic dust of a Fairy'.

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