I'm a Finnish vocal artist, composer and vocal coach, who's specialized in a cappella music. Singing from the heart, multi-shaded vocal production and a rooted connection to the body are important things to me in music.

I get inspired of composing, performing, teaching and singing ethnic, experimental and meditative music.


Currently I work fulltime and tour occasionally with my group called Tuuletar which makes original music (fusion of Finnish Folklore, urban beats and ethno) with four human voices. In our newest ’Borderline’ performance artistic work lingers and wanders on the border of life and death. The limits of the human mind, body, and soul are pushed to their extremes and both physical and emotional pain are put under a creative microscope.


I also work in a ’Flow into the Earth’ live mantra with yoga project, where my cello-voice group Kajos plays live mantras in yoga sessions led by Paula Band. Now and then I lead vocal workshops (ethno vocal course, vocal effects and free your expression) in different institutions and give private singing lessons. As a vocal coach I want to encourage my students to find connection with their bodies and grounding and dare to challenge their ideals and be playful.

I started to perform at the age of 4 and write music at the age of 9. I have been educated on the field of classical music, rhythmical music and jazz/improvisation in Finland, Denmark and Sweden. World music and and performative arts came to my life through workshops, private lessons, projects and curious independent exploration. I have a Degree of Bachelor of Fine Arts in Music, with a specialization in Improvisation Performance, which I received on 2016 in the Academy of Music and Drama in Gothenburg, Sweden.


While I was studying in Gothenburg I started to collaborate with performing artists such as PAIAP (platform for international authentic encounterings) and explore my own way of making performing arts combining physicality, paint, improvisation, voice, story-telling, minimalism and meditative practises. In my thesis project Safe Haven Live Lab I gathered a group of five people with whom I worked intensively for 7 months collectively exploring the integration between voice and physicality diving into unconscious. We had workshops with various teachers who brought elements from theather, performing arts, roy hart theather and vocal improvisation. It was an interesting journey!

 With Tuuletar we have been working together since 2012, competed in many a cappella contests and performed around the world in more than 20 different countries like Japan, Taiwan, India and Germany. We won the ETHNO EMMA PRIZE of our debut album Tules Maas Vedes Taivaal on 2016. We have a Finnish record label Bafe's Factory and a booking agency SAURA Booking Agency. 

I have been employed by Tasavallan Presidentin kanslia, CGI, Reaktor, Santapark, Unicef, Vantaan viihdeorkesteri, Huhtamäki, Svenska Kyrkan to name a few. I've been working with groups/artists such as Lauri Tähkä, Pekko Käppi, Tsuumi Soundsystem, Cirko, PAIAP (International platform for authentic encounterings with the audience), Katem Limit (hip hop productions), Vic Vem (Swedish poetical rapper), Sallyswag (Swedish World Music Band), Sunny Side Orchestra (jazz/entertainment big band), Koskelainen/Andreasen Near Life Experience (experimental big band jazz/performative arts). In Spring 2015 I composed a piece called "Bhangra Groove" for Bohuslän Big Band which I had the honor to conduct. 

In 2018 I was involved in collective performing art project called Kinahmi (great whirl in sea). We were looking into shamanism, mythology and psychophysical practise. We worked in caves, forests, theater studio, sauna and ruins. The performance was Jussi Salminens final artistic work for his studies at MAECP (Master of Ecology and Contemporary Performance).

I'm a hardworking, quick-learning, co-operative professional musician who commits 100% to her work and can work over genre boundaries as a singer, composer, musical arranger, workshop leader, backing vocalist, performative art performer, voice actress or studio musician. 


Sini Koskelainen is a Finnish vocal artist and composer (b. 1989) whose music has aroused international interest. Her composition ’Elda’ (recorded and sang by Tuuletar, published by Bafe’s Factory) got sold in 2019 to a Mexican Netflix tv-serie called Monarca and her composition ’Alku’ (recorded and sang by Tuuletar, published by Bafe’s Factory) was in 2017 sold to the world-most-watched tv-serie Game of Thrones for its DVD-trailer of Season 8. In 2017 ’Alku’ was also sold to a Australian tv-serie called Wentworth for the final scene of the Season 5.


The main musical focus for Koskelainen is to compose for human voice. She actively develops new vocal techniques to create more innovative compositions. As a composer Koskelainen is drawn to strong melodies, ethnic influences, riffs, chants, mythological creatures, earthy rhythmns, experimental vocal sounds and mysterious and meditative soundscapes.


Even though Koskelainen is more of a self-taught composer and doesn’t have a degree in composition, composing has been her passion already for many years and she has developed her own, unique style via exploring curiously the possibilites of human voice. In the recent years she has composed music mostly for awarded, internationally succesful vocal performance group called Tuuletar which makes innovative original music influenced by Finnish folklore, urban beats and global music.


In 2015 Koskelainen composed a ’Bhangra Groove’ for Swedish Bohuslän Big Band and in 2012-2013 she composed for multidisciplinary project called ’Koskelainen/Andreasean Near Life Experience’. Project was between a Danish saxophonist/conductor/composer Jonas Andreasen, Danish Big Band and Finnish Contemporary Dancer, where Koskelainen worked as a co-composer and vocalist. Music style was alternative jazz. 







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